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What is Camogie?

Camogie is the female version of hurling. The game of hurling is unique to Ireland and is one of the fastest field games in the world. It has always been a huge part of our culture and heritage and is our national sport. Hurling and camogie are very skillful games.


Players use sticks called 'hurleys' which are made of ash wood and are between 30 and 37 inches in length with a broad end. The part of the hurley used to strike the ball is known as the 'bas'. The ball in hurling and camogie is known as a 'sliothar'.
A camogie and hurling team consists of 15 players and a number of substitutes. The substitutes can be called into play at any stage of the game. The team's manager chooses a starting fifteen and substitutes from a 'panel' of players. A maximum of three substitutes may be used in a game. Every hurling and camogie team has a goalkeeper, six defenders, two midfielders and six forwards.
Team line out
Lineout for
15-A-Side Game
1.Goalkeeper. 2.Right-Full-Back 3.Full-Back 4.Left-Full-Back 5.Right-Half-Back 6.Center-Back 7.Left-Half-Back 8.Right-Center-Field 9.Left-Center-Field
10.Right-Half-Forward 11.Centre-Forward 12.Left-Half-Forward
13.Right-Full-Forward 14.Full-Forward 15.Left-Full-Forward
Championship and league matches last 60 minutes. Inter county and Inter club teams will wear their own registered distinctive colours. Players are advised to wear protective headgear in the form of helmets. But wearing helmets is not compulsory.
Playing the game

The sliothar can be struck with the hurley when it is on the ground, while in the air or when lifted from the hurley. Players may run with the sliotar balanced or hopping on the bas of the hurley. Players can catch the sliothar, play it on their hurley and bring it back to their hands only once.

A player can strike the sliotar with the hurley, hand (but not throw it), by kicking and by hitting it from the ground. If the sliothar goes out over the end line off one of the defending players a '65' metre free 'puck' is awarded in hurling and a '45' metre free 'puck' is awarded in camogie. An attacking player will then take the free puck. If the sliothar goes out of play over the sideline the referee will award a 'sideline puck'. The player taking the puck must hit the sliothar from the ground. Under no circumstances can the player lift the sliothar on to their hurley.


In hurling and camogie there are two methods of recording scores. A 'point' is scored when the ball is played over the crossbar between the posts by either team. A 'goal' is scored when the ball is played over the goal line between the posts and under the crossbar by either team. In hurling and camogie a goal is equal to three points. Points are generally easier to score than goals as the goalkeeper will be unable to save a high ball. The winning team is the one that outscores their opponents.

The referee is the official in charge of the game. The referee is assisted by two linespeople and four umpires. The referee plays a central role in the game following the play on the pitch, while two umpires take up position at each of the two goals. The linespeople follow the game from the sidelines.

The referee's decision is final, but the two linespeople and the four umpires may be called upon for additional input into a decision made by the referee. The linespeople and umpires, also known as officials, act as extra 'eyes' for the referee

Technical fouls

  • To overcarry the ball and to throw the ball
  • To lift the ball off the ground with anything other than the hurley
  • To lie on the ball, therefore killing it
  • To toss the ball with the hand and catch it without playing it with the hurley.
  • To drop the hurley intentionally or to hurl it at an opposing player
  • For a player to be in the opposing teams 'square'. This is the square marked out in front of the goalkeeper. A player can not enter this square before the ball drops into it during play.

In the event of foul play players simply have 'their name taken' by the referee. This is known as being 'booked'. The referee makes a written note of this in his/her pocket book. If a player has to be booked twice, s/he is 'sent off'. The referee will point in the direction of the sideline and the player will leave the pitch

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